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Hello and welcome to the website from me! James Sullivan
Cheltenham is home to Pilates 4 U with classes at various locations around Cheltenham, bringing high quality Pilates classes to a venue near you!
Pilates 4 U focus on your individual needs allowing you to experience the benefits that Pilates has to offer in a relaxed and friendly group setting. Pilates 4 U classes are always open to BEGINNERS. All Pilates movements are broken down so that you feel comfortable working at your own pace.

Pilates is a technique that is suitable for men and women of all ages. Pilates is a total body work out that can help to improve your posture, increase your flexibility and build core stability.

Your lifestyle habits have a massive impact on your posture. Long periods of time spent in front of the computer or sat driving your car often create postural problems and muscle strains that left untreated over the longterm increase your risk of injury. Equally back pain is frequently brought on from repetetive strain placed on the body doing manual jobs that require lifting and bending.
In addition Pilates helps highlight muscle imbalances and then you can work to correct those imbalances through regular use of the Pilates technique.

Students arrive at Pilates 4 U classes with individual goals and objectives. Since 2002 our aim has been to help those students achieve their goals in a relaxed and friendly group setting.

Your Teacher

James Sullivan graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000 with a Degree in Sports Science. This provided a strong grounding in anatomy and physiology. 

During his time as a personal trainer several clients with back pain and or muscle strains asked his opinion on low impact workouts that could get them back to their best. This led James to investigate the Pilates technique.
One session and he was hooked. Controlled movements at a steady pace focusing on the entire body...brilliant!

James then went on to qualify as a Pilates Teacher with The Pilates Institute London and ever since has been passing on the benefits of Pilates to the men and women of Cheltenham. 

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