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Name: Catherine O
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Date   8 May 2019  09:12:16             

Comment: Very professional classes, excellent for core strength but with some entertaining banter included too!

Name: James FryEmail: jamesfryheating@aol.com
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 Date: 12 Apr 2012 15:55:57 GMT

Comment: Having destroyed my back as the proprietor of a small plumbing and heating company( J Fry Heating Solutions), I was recommended to go to Pilates by my Osteopath. I found Pilates4U. It was the best thing I could have ever done. My back has recovered and the regular core stability exercises that I undertake at Pilates4U classes, and at home, having learned them from Jim, has made sure that I am supple and pain free. J Fry Heating Solutions is able the push on towards a bright future thaks to the help and knowledge that Jim at Pilates4U has given me.

Name: Jane skane-davisEmail: Janesinteriors@btinternet.com
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 Date: 12 Apr 2012 17:40:16 GMT

Comment: Resistance Pilates is an invigorating class with Jims unique formula of exercises, stretch and laughter. I've been attending for 5 years plus and and can highly recommend his classes for all ages.

Name: SarahEmail: 
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 Date: 12 Apr 2012 18:38:08 GMT

Comment: I have been doing Pilates with Jim for about 8 years and can thoroughly recommend it and his classes. I love it, it is my weekly tonic.

Name: Claire EvensEmail: 
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Date: 12 Apr 2012 21:23:51 GMT

Comment: I joined 'Pilates 4 U' over four years ago to help with back pain and I'm so glad I did! The classes have not only helped to strengthen and support my back but I always walk away feeling relaxed and much more supple. Jim is always attentive to everyone's individual needs, differentiating for us all accordingly and encouraging us to move onto the next level of challenge. Jim's friendly and positive approach makes my pilates class a real highlight of the week!

Name: Sarah NicollEmail: 
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 Date: 13 Apr 2012 07:55:45 GMT

Comment: I have found Pilates to be a brilliant all round exercise. I have been attending Jims class for 10 years and still cannot believe how mat work Pilates can be so beneficial for flexibility, strength and tone. I first went because of back problems which are now a thing of the past. Jim makes the class great for every level, and thoroughly entertaining. I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

Name: ClareEmail: 
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Date: 13 Apr 2012 15:05:00 GMT

Comment: I have been taking Pilates classes with James for 3 years and find his classes very enjoyable. His approach is very clear and he constantly checks that we are okay and doing the exercises correctly so we don't injure ourselves, which I think is vital. My core strength, posture and flexibility are improved greatly. Highly recommended. Thank you James!

Name: Laura BrownEmail: 
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Date: 14 Apr 2012 09:59:54 GMT

Comment: Jim's classes are great. He knows each of our individual limitations and abilities and makes sure to tell each of us, which level to do. A relaxed and informal class which I've enjoyed for over 5 years whilst also maintaining much less back pain!

Name: JillEmail: 
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Country:  Date: 18 Apr 2012 13:04:58 GMT

Comment: I was forced to come to Pilates by a friend, who assured me it would be good for my back. That was 3 years ago and now I really miss it if I can't attend. My back will never be cured, but my flexibility is much better, my pain is better, and not only do I get to exercise all my muscles, but I have a weekly giggle and gossip with Jim and the others in my class. Jim is great!

Name: Tracey BarnfieldEmail: 
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Country: ENGLAND Date: 18 Apr 2012 15:31:05 GMT

Comment: I have been attending Jims pilates classes for almost six years and I can honestly say I and my back love it. I look forward to my Tuesday class, we have all come and stayed which is a tribute to Jims friendly nature and great exercise routine. It's nice to see the same people every week. His extensive knowledge of what is on telly for the coming week is an added bonus, it saves me buying the Radio Times. I thoroughly recommend it.

Name: Julie KitchingEmail: 
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Country: UK Date: 18 Apr 2012 19:39:49 GMT

Comment: Pilates is a relaxed way of exercising, I have had problems with my lower back and it has definitely helped. Jim's classes are friendly and fun,Jim is encouraging and entertaining!

Name: Shirley KellyEmail: 
Welcome Page:
Country: UK Date: 19 Apr 2012 12:01:03 GMT

Comment: James' pilates classes are outstanding. I have improved my flexibility, and strengthened my back and core muscles.5 years of attendance and still enjoying classes. James makes a fitness class entertaining and interesting whilst maintaining ultimate professionalism. I can't recommend him highly enough, come along and see for yourself.

Name: Julia and CharlieEmail: 
Welcome Page: 
Country:  Date: 19 Apr 2012 19:47:59 GMT

Comment: Charlie has seen a massive improvement in the strength of his back, and now rarely feels a twinge. I joined to improve my horse riding posture and I'm pleased with the results. We've made lots of lovely friends and look forward to our weekly outing!

Name: Liz DowieEmail: 
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Country:  Date: 22 Apr 2012 20:46:52 GMT

Comment: I have recently started Pilates on the advice of my osteopath and a friend recommended Jim's classes. I am feeling the benefit already and the hour flies by. Everyone is able to participate at a level they feel comfortable with and Jim has a very relaxed and informal approach which makes the classes great fun.

Name: Colette VaughanEmail: 
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Country: UK Date: 23 Apr 2012 18:28:18 GMT

Comment: Many years of Dental Nursing has led to sometimes crippling back pains. Having tried various exercise routines none can touch Jame's Pilates class. Not only does it give me the strength and flexibility to cope with the stresses of my job but I can enjoy a fun filled hour with James and our group.

Name: LyndaEmail: 
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Country:  Date: 25 Apr 2012 17:47:25 GMT

Comment: My back problems come from bad posture sitting at my desk all day. Pilates has help strengthen my back and relieve tension in my neck and shoulders.

Name: GillEmail: 
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Country: UK Date: 1 May 2012 20:43:28 GMT

Comment: I have been going to Jims pilates classes for over 6 years now and they are great fun and we have a good laugh. The main reason though is to keep supple, ache free and to make sure everything keeps moving. If I feel stiff then I do a few exercises to free it up - works a treat. I also sleep better after a pilates class, although that may be as a result of Jims wit! LOL! Thanks Jim xxx

Name: DaveEmail: 
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Country:  Date: 8 May 2012 18:11:44 GMT

Comment: I have been attending Pilates4U classes for over 5 years now and I feel it is an essential part of how I manage my 'dodgy' back. It's never going to be cured of pain all the time as I still have bad days but without Pilates I'm convinced I'd be in a much worse state. Jim is very attentive to each person's needs and will offer alternative exercises depending on their capabilities and how they're body is feeling! Also, we have fun and usually there is a fair bit of banter going around (usually at Jim's expense😊) which adds to the experience & enjoyment !

Name: Jacqui HEmail: 

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Country:  Date:13 May  2019 15.04 GMT 

Excellent classes, Jim tailors the moves to match all ability levels, he creates a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

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